Friday, August 29, 2008

Wilton Mews , Belgravia

Wilton Mews runs north to south and crosses Wilton Street.
The south part of the news is very short and leads to a side entrance to St Peter's Church in Eaton Square.
The northern part has mainly two and three-storey buildings with a mixture of brick and stucco. Part of the news is cobbled and part not.
There is an attractive view looking south to the tower of St Peter's Church and the trees that surround it. There is a fairly modern pub called 'The Grouse and Claret' which has a colourful display of flowers at the front.
The house facing the pub (on the corner with Little Chester Street) has an unusual round window, and an old garage entrance has its bottom half attractively blocked with a glass half at the top.
‘Grey de Wilton’ was a family name of the Wilton family. The first Marquess of Westminster married into the Wilton family in 1794 when he married Lady Eleanor Edgington. Lady Eleanor was the daughter of the first Earl of Wilton.

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