Saturday, August 30, 2008

Kinnerton Street , Belgravia

Kinnerton Street is a delightfully quiet part of Belgravia with a distinctly village air about it. It leads to a series of quaint mews and courtyards containing a mixture of old and new cottages.
Kinnerton Street runs north from Motcomb Street leading to a small access in the north-eastern side of Wilton Place. Despite being quite close to Knightsbridge, it is an attractive and quiet backwater with many small mews and courtyards leading off it. Many of the houses were created by Seth Smith. '1826' is inscribed on the outside of the nearby Wilton Arms so that was probably the date of these houses.
Salloos, a Pakistani restaurant, is up the Wilton Place end of the street. Further south is St Paul's Hall, which is linked (not physically) to the nearby St Paul's Church.
The Wilton Arms is a pretty public house with flower displays outside and 1826 painted on the wall - presumably the date it was built. So it precedes most of the Belgravia development.
Jay's Village Store is a very attractive corner shop/newsagent which looks just like the traditional village shop.
The Nag's Head is a charming and unique public house, with small areas on different levels.
There is no single house style in Kinnerton Street.
At the Motcomb Street end there are some luxurious modern blocks of flats constructed in the late 1960s and early 1970s adjacent to a modern arcade of shops.
Kinnerton was the name of a village close to Eaton Hall in Cheshire, the traditional family seat of the Grosvenors.

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London is my dream place and by seeing pictures of Kinnerton Street that is a delightful part of Belgravia, arouses my keen interest to visit here.


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