Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ormonde Place , Belgravia

Ormonde Place can be reached (through a metal barrier) from Bunhouse Place, which is behind commercial premises in Pimlico Road. There is also an attractive vehicular entrance through an arched vault on the east side.
Ormonde Place was a joint venture by the Grosvenor Estate and Wates Developments. The architects were Chapman Taylor Partners, who are responsible for many of the more attractive new buildings in Belgravia. In one of the walls there is an inscription commemorating the laying of the first stone by the Duke of Westminster on 12th November 1979.
This is what all modern developments should be like. It's very charming and it fits in well with the surrounding area. The houses which surround the square are 3 or 4 storey town houses with built-in ground floor garages. The houses on the west side have small gardens. The centrepiece of the square is a striking 10 foot high statue of Hercules seeming to leap from the bushes in the centre of a small gravelled area, surrounded by a small box hedge and some trees.

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