Saturday, August 30, 2008

Old Barrack Yard , Belgravia

Old Barrack Yard is entered by a pedestrian pathway from Wilton Row, just by the Grenadier Pub.
The pathway has an unusually high raised pavement on one side and small terraced cottages on the other side and leads through to a small courtyard. At the end is a covered arch running under the first floor of a building. The other side runs behind the back of the Berkeley Hotel and then into Hyde Park Corner. There is another locked entrance leading to Grosvenor Crescent Mews.
The Grenadier Pub was built in about 1830 and took its name from the Grenadier Guards barracks which were nearby at the time. The pub still has its original front.
The cottages are mainly brick-faced and were built in the 1840s. They are quite small and some only contain one bedroom. The whole setting is quite charming.

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