Monday, September 29, 2008

Chester Row , Belgravia

Chester Row is where to find Chester Square houses on a smaller scale. Most of them still are family houses. They are typically attractive stuccoed houses for the most part, but varying in size throughout the street.
The largest houses are in the section between South Eaton Place and Elizabeth Street, where the terraces are on 5 storeys. Between South Eaton Place and Eaton Terrace, there are also some 5 storey houses as well as 3 or 4 storey houses.
The smallest houses are in the section of road between Eaton Terrace and Bourne Street where there are 3 storey houses on the north side and some 2 storey houses on the south side. There is a particularly pretty house here on the north side at the corner with Eaton Terrace.
T S Eliot and his wife lived at No. 5 in the 1920.
The historic home of the Dukes of Westminster was at Eaton Hall in Cheshire and the 'Chester' name comes from the nearby town of Chester.

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